Manage Long Covid Better

Long Covid

doesn't need to be
faced alone

That email doesn't look right.

Manage Your Chronic Illness Better

Chronic illness

need to be faced alone

We're working with patient-led organizations to develop comprehensive features specific to Long Covid.

Community Is Important

It should be easier for people to find others fighting the same fight.

Long Covid Felt Lonely

Getting proper emotional support for Long Covid was confusing and lonely.

Tracking Our Symptoms

Existing platforms didn't feel sufficient enough for tracking symptoms.

Number of people in the U.S. who have dealt with long term effects of COVID


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What Does COVID-19 Recovery Actually Look Like?

22 min read

Oct 28, 2021

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The newest mobile app to help you manage
Long Covid

Features Designed for Long Covid

We've worked with specialist and organizations to develop comprehensive features specific to Long Covid.

Find Community

Join a robust peer community of Covid-19 long-haulers from around the world to share experiences and information and learn.

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Stay Informed

Stay up to date on news and research - our paid team of Long COVID moderators helps disseminate vetted, relevant information daily.

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Symptom Tracking

Learn more about your illness by logging symptoms, treatments, and "triggers". Track your progress and see what works best for you.

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Our community is growing everyday!

Join us today and help
build the next major Long COVID
support community

Use New Health's app as a social platform to post, share, engage, and find community with others living with Long COVID.

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In app messaging coming soon!

Emotional support for
long-haulers, from people who get it.

Our moderators with lived experience understand the unique struggles of dealing with Long COVID. Our peer-community is there to make sure you never feel alone.

Track your progress easily

Track your symptoms
to better understand
your body.

Work by yourself or with your care team to understand your progress and what works best.

Some Of Our Trusted Partners

Why We Started New Health

As two people living with chronic illnesses, we understand first-hand the power of peer-support. In fact, we believe community care is the new healthcare, and we're joining a movement of patient-led initiatives building the type of healthcare communities we want to see in the world.

Community is Healthcare!

Finding community for
chronic illness
is so important.

Community is Healthcare!

Managing Long Covid
was a frustrating and
lonely recovery.

Community is Healthcare!

Existing tools don't
make it easy to
track symptoms.


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What Does COVID-19 Recovery Actually Look Like?

Originally Released: May 11th, 2020. Generated from survey data organized by decentralized team of COVID-19 patients, exported on May 2, 2020 (640 Responses)

It's Fine to Never Meet IRL

As high-risk individuals are marginalized from a society eager to ignore pandemic harms, tech companies must do more to expand accessible virtual spaces.

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